Saturday, 29 April 2017

Health and Safety at Playzone

Do you find yourself driving past Playzone and wondering what its like inside? Or do you find your kids are hearing stories about the adventures their friends have had at Playzone? Are you unsure if a play centre is a place you want to be bringing your kids? Are you concerned about safety and if the equipment is age appropriate? Well if you have answered yes to any of these questions we might be able to help you in deciding if Playzone is right for you!

The Equipment

The play equipment is the main attraction in our play centre so it is important that the equipment meets the needs of the parents.

First off here in Playzone we have separate areas for children depending on their ages. We have the main equipment, which is suitable for any children over the age of four. We have the baby area for the little ones who haven’t quiet found their feet yet and we have the toddler area for the little ones just finding their feet and beginning to develop a sense of adventure. These three separate areas mean that parents can rest assured that there is something that will meet the needs of their children, providing appropriate challenges but not being too challenging that they require help getting around.

Not only do we have separate areas for different ages but also all of our equipment is spacious and all parts of the equipment are clearly visible ensuring that parents are able to spot their children at all times. The advantage of having play equipment which is open ensures that parents can be put at ease knowing that their children can be seen at all times.

If your worried about your children playing in the play equipment, what if they get lost or stuck, cant find their way down or there are older children in the toddler and baby areas? We can help with this. At all times our play equipment is monitored by trained staff that will not hesitate in assisting your child if they are in need. If they are stuck our staff will help them get unstuck, if they are scared are staff will bring them back to their parents, if they are lost our staff will help them find their way. If your little one likes to get up to mischief, is a bit of a dare devil and tries the impossible, like climbing up the slide you can rest assured that are staff are on hand at all times to help keep your children safe, making sure they don’t get up to mischief and make it up the slide.


We know that it can be hard to keep an eye on your children at all times, especially if you have a number of them running around Playzone at any one time which is why we have taken precautions to put your mind at ease. Children love doing things they are not meant to do and one such thing is opening doors, children do it all time. We understand that this can be scary for parents, the thought that your child could open a door and make it our to a car park but we ensure that this does not happen. With all our emergency exits alameda any little mischief makers who try to escape will be unable to do so as our staff are always aware of the alarm which indicates an emergency door has been opened, on hearing this alarm staff will immediately check doors ensuring they nobody has left the building unattended.

But not only do we have our emergency doors alarmed we also have a gate at our reception area which is just our of reach for children to open ensuring that they must wait for their parents assistance and for the little ones who manage to get the gate open not only do we have staff on reception at all times to bring them back in and make sure this doesn’t happen but our main door is also childproof. With a handle at eye level for most adults children are unable to reach ensuring that they are unable to get out the front door.

Our play centre is staffed by friendly dedicated people who will also ensure your children are safe while in Playzone but for the extra security our play centre has security cameras throughout the building.


Often parents worry about hygiene in a place like Playzone but hygiene is something which we take very seriously, so seriously in fact that we clean Playzone ourselves ensuring it is done correctly and to the standards our customers expect.

Each evening Playzone is clean by staff, toilets, floor, kitchen everywhere ensuring that when you and your little ones come the next day Playzone is in tip top shape. But we are aware that cleaning every evening does not limit the amount of germs and bacteria around which is why we regularly hold cleaning nights and cleaning evenings. It is during these evenings and nights that we clean the equipment from tip to bottom, inside and out leaving nothing unturned and spotless. Those balls the children are always playing in and trying to eat, well we clean those too, washing them and drying them before placing them back into the cleaned equipment.

Among all staff in Playzone we adhere to a high standard of personal hygiene with particular importance placed on those in the kitchen and serving areas. You can rest assured knowing that hygiene, both personal and that of the play centre itself rank extremely high in Playzone's priorities.


Our staff are the ones who make Playzone great. Our staff, once hired, go through a process of training one in which involves different aspects of Playzone incorporating everything from parties to cleaning and customer service. It is this training which ensures our staff are able to deal with any situations which may arise in an appropriate and timely manner remaining cool, calm and collected ensuring no further stress is endured by our customers.

Not only do all our staff receive in house training but they also receive first aid training and fire safety training ensure all staff know what to do in the event of an emergency. With regular fire drills taking place our staff are confident in their abilities for dealing with emergency situations.

All staff, whether working on the floor or behind the scenes in the kitchen are Garda Vetted. This Garda vetting ensures that not only as a company we can have faith in our staff but that our customers can also have faith and confidence in our staff. Knowing that our staff are Garda vetted, receive both in house training and first aid and fire safety training allows our customers to come to Playzone and experience a sense of relief knowing that our staff our competent.

We all understand that parents worry about their children, it is a natural part of life but here at Celbridge Playzone we want to help lessen that worry. While in Playzone children remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians, which can be stressful on a busy day but our trained staff are there to lend a helping hand, keeping an extra eye to ensure no harm comes to anybody. We also understand the importance of hygiene which is why we emphasis among staff the importance of keeping our play centre clean, ensuring this happens, ensures our customers can be happy.

Choosing to come to a children’s play centre can be a hard decision a times, we know that there are certain fears surrounding a new experience but it is our job to ensure you have a pleasant experience which is why we go to great lengths to ensure we have a high standard of health and safety within our company.

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