Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Surviving your trip to Playzone!

Fancy a trip to Playzone but the thought of the noise alone is making you reconsider? Well don’t fret because here at Playzone we have complied a list of the top tips which you need to know to help make your visit to Playzone more enjoyable!

First things first- Time it right!
If you are looking for a calm day out with the little ones and a chance for you to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee a rainy afternoon on a Saturday may not be the best time to visit! During the week, Playzone is naturally quieter so it makes perfect sense to pop the kids in the car and come for a visit. Timing is everything, so be sure to check out on Google the times in which Playzone is usually busier before coming down.

Socks, socks and even more socks!
There is nothing worse than arriving at a play centre without socks! Playzone do usually have socks available at reception for those who may have forgotten but save yourself the extra expense by making sure your littles are wearing socks before leaving the house. We see it very often here, so we know the struggle some parents have to get the kids to keep their socks on so we advise you bring extra, because once those socks are off the chances of going home with the same pair you came in with are very slim! We don’t hold onto old socks, they go straight into the bin!

It’s not a fashion show!
Make your life a little bit easier by avoiding toy jewellery etc, things which are loose and can hang are not advisable for wearing on the play equipment and are not allowed on our climbing wall. But to make life easier again, try dress the little ones in something which you can see from a distance! There is no fear of the little ones getting outside of the building as we have alarmed doors, gates and staff who are very aware and observant but something bright always helps when the little ones try to hide when it’s time to go home!

Bite the bullet!
Sometimes, although we always like to be prepared it is easier to just go! Sometimes when the little ones are kicking up a fuss, running amuck in the house or cabin fever is setting in during the school holidays it might be necessary to make that impulse decision. Don’t be scared, don’t be worried, often you will find that your kids will surprise you and that trip you have been dreading will not be as bad as you expected.

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