Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Healthy Exercise Through Play

Has the unpredicatable Irish weather been getting you down? Are you concerned that your kids aren’t getting enough exercise? Well Playzone might have the answer. Here at Celbridge Playzone we do more than just promote fun, we also promote healthy exercise through play. Did you know that coming to Playzone your children can get their required 60 minutes of exercise per day?

Here at Celbridge Playzone we pride ourselves in our Play Equipment. Comprised of three levels, two slides, tunnels, bridges and rollers our play equipment is perfect for ensuring children get bending, twisting, turning, dodging and diving!

Unlike adults, children have the ability to engage effectively in play while also engaging in exercise in the process. As a child’s exercise is not like that of an adults, somewhere like Playzone is the perfect place to go to allow your child to exercise. Exercising in Playzone will come naturally to a child when climbing, bending, rolling and weaving through our play equipment. This will help your child’s bones become stronger; muscles more toned and encourage their heart and lungs to work more efficiently.

While we at Playzone place emphasis on exercising to ensure children maintain a healthy lifestyle, reducing the levels of childhood obesity and other illnesses associated with unhealthy lifestyles such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases we also focus on the other benefits which can be gained from bringing your children to Playzone.

Here at Playzone we value positive mental health and we recognised that positive mental health occurs as a result of looking after our mental health from a young age. Not only do we promote exercise through play as a way of maintaining a child’s physical health but we also recognise the importance of exercise in helping to maintain our mental health. With exercise contributing to overall mental wellness bringing your children to Playzone on a regular basis can contribute to your child growing in confidence, building self-esteem and reducing anxiety levels.

Childhood is a time for learning and growth and that is exactly what happens here at Playzone. When you bring your child to Playzone you can be assured that your child will be stimulated and challenged in age appropriate ways.  Your child’s motor skills can be developed as a result of integrating different bodily movements into purposeful action throughout our play equipment. Your child’s balance and hand-eye-coordination can be improved with our basketball area, play equipment and roller racers.

Social interaction is an everyday occurrence in our lives, one, which many people, can find to be a daunting experience. Social interaction however can be encouraged from a young age in a positive manner through interactions, which occur between children in Playzone. With interaction with other kids being encouraged through fair play we have seen the benefits experienced by children developing friendships and allowing their imaginations to soar.

A day out to a Playzone has many more benefit than meets the eye! With friendships encouraged, exercise promoted and imaginations ignited Playzone presents your children with a world of opportunities!

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