Monday, 12 September 2016

Healthy food options at playzone

These days with so much processed food at our disposals we can often go for the quick and easy option rather than the hearty and healthy option. Here at Playzone we are delighted to ensure our menu is packed full of delicious, affordable and healthy options. Not only do we pride ourselves in our variety of healthy options available but we also endeavour to use locally sourced produce where possible and always aim to support local business such as Fitzpatricks Local Butchers.

Our hamburgers sourced from Fitzpatricks Local Butchers are an excellent healthy meal for all the family. These burgers are fantastic value for money and made all the better when prepared for you and your family by the friendly staff at Playzone. With these burgers high in protein and other essential nutrients such as iron it would be a shame not to benefit from this great source of nourishment available here at Celbridge Playzone.

Not wanting to leave anybody out we here at Celbridge Playzone always ensure we are as inclusive as possible and that is why we also have a range of pizzas which are perfect for vegetarians among some other great options! Not only are out pizzas perfect for vegetarians but once again they are locally sourced ensuring we are contributing positively to our local economy and supporting local businesses. Our pizza bases come form "Pizza Si" situated in Lucan, only minutes down the road from us here in Celbridge. Oven baked to order, our pizzas come with a variety of toppings to choose from and are another excellent health option for all the family.


If pizza doesn't take your fancy and neither does a good old hamburger don't fret because here at Playzone we have something for everybody. Our delicious fillet breast of chicken burger is a must try here at Playzone. Grilled to order, topped with crunchy lettuce and fresh tomatoes it would be a shame to pass up. Not only are our  fillet breast of chicken burgers tasty and tender but white meat such as chicken has been know to not only have fewer calories than that of red meat but also less fat and cholesterol. So if tour looking for an healthy option when enjoying your day in Playzone be sure to give our fillet breast of chicken burgers a try!

What do you think of Playzones Healthy options?

What other healthy options would you like to see at Playzone?

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