Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Child Development at Playzone

Are you wondering what you can do to help your child’s development? Are you struggling to understand the different aspects of development essential for your child? Not sure how you can meet all your child’s developmental needs? Well we here at Playzone are here to help you with that!

We here at Playzone understand that a child’s development is essential for future life which is why we are aware that children’s development is a multifaceted concept and seek to ensure we provide adequate opportunities to ensure all of your child's developmental needs are met in some way. I know you might find yourself asking how can a children’s play center meet my child’s developmental needs? Well our play center is designed in such a way as to ensure we meet your children’s needs, but its not just our design, which ensures this, it is our wide range of activities offered though our parent and toddler mornings.

We here at Playzone understand that children learn best when they are engaging with their senses. It is through engaging with their senses that children have the opportunities to begin to comprehend different aspect of life. It is through this understanding that we have ensured Playzone can offer children the opportunities they need in order to explore a range of materials without any preconceived knowledge allowing them to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, creative, linguistic and physical skills.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development begins at a young age and is aided and enhanced through problem solving and decision-making. For very young children we can often find ourselves questioning if there are ways in which we can present our children with problems to be solved or decisions to be made and the answer is yes. Playzone's play equipment, which is comprised, of three levels is the perfect place for children wishing to develop their cognitive abilities. By presenting children with the problem of seeking to find a way to the top of the equipment in order to experience the thrill of the slide and offering them ample opportunities to make independent decision in the process you can rest assured that your child’s current cognitive abilities are being challenged, encouraging further development.

Linguistic Development

Children at a young age do not have the ability to truly understand and define language. In order to allow your child the opportunities they require to begin to define language we must present them with opportunities to experience the meaning of the word.  Here at Playzone our parent and toddler mornings do just that! Presenting children with opportunities to use their senses, particularly touch through our parent and toddler Play Doh time children are given opportunities to begin to discover new textures while also beginning to comprehend new words such as firm, smooth and bumpy. It is our sensory play at Playzone, using Play Doh with can encourage your children to begin to use descriptive and expressive language, developing their vocabulary and increasing their communication.

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development can often be something that is overlooked when children are very young but it is crucial not only at a young age but in later life. We here at Celbridge Playzone truly value social and emotional development of not only children but adults too which is why we seek to ensure that your children are presented with the opportunities they need in order to enhance their social and emotional development. By coming to Playzone you can provide you children with the opportunities they need to develop both socially and emotionally by allowing them to be in complete control of their actions and experience. This control allows a child’s confidence to develop encouraging children to develop a desire to learn and develop, a desire which is crucial for life.  Whether your child chooses to take advantage of our play equipment or use or blocks, jigsaws and Play Doh your child will have the opportunity to learn about co-operation, collaboration and begin to develop an understanding and appreciation for someone else’s view point.

Creative Development

Our parent and toddler mornings provide the perfect opportunities for your little ones to get creative. With our arts and craft activities we encourage children to begin to try new experiences, use different materials, everything from glitter to crayons in order to encourage their creative thinking and abilities. We here at Playzone focus on the process of arts and crafts as we recognise it is the process, which encourages creativity rather than the finished product.  If arts and crafts is something which doesn’t take your fancy but you don’t want your child missing out, be sure to pop in for our parent and toddler mornings to get those creative juices flowing.

Physical development

Whether your coming to Playzone for a birthday party, a school tour, for our parent and toddler mornings or just to get out of the house on a rainy day you can rest assured that your child’s physical development will be constantly encouraged and enhanced. With space to run around, a basketball area to encourage the development of hand-eye-coordination, you can be assured that your children’s fine motor skills, which allow us to perform a variety of important tasks will be enhanced. Not only does our play center allow for the development of fine motor skills but our play equipment will ensure that your child’s gross motor skills will get the adequate time and attention which they deserve. Still not convinced? Check out our post about Healthy Exercise Through Play to provide you with all the information you need.

We here at Playzone acknowledge the importance of encouraging children to explore, think, communicate and develop a sense of belonging which is why we pride ourselves in continuously improving our activities and facilities making sure we can turn our play center into one which can be attributed in contributing to your child’s development.

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