Friday, 30 September 2016

Why bring your own food?

Have you ever considered going to McDonalds and bringing your own food? We know it may sound like a stupid question but think about it for a minute. You would never arrive to a restaurant, McDonalds or any other, and have your own food tucked away in your bag would you? We didn’t think so. Now let us ask you this, would you arrive to Playzone and bring your own food? Many of you may answer yes but we would like you to reconsider that answer, what makes us any different from McDonalds? We provide food services; we have a range of affordable, nutrious meals prepared fresh for our customers, so why would you bring your own food?

Over the years we have noticed a number of our customers like to be prepared when heading out for a day with the kids and we understand the need to be organised but when coming to Playzone we like to think we can make things a little easier for you. Here at Playzone not only do we pride ourselves in our play equipment but also in the food that we provide. You may think that having a cafĂ© in our play centre is all about making money, but it is not. It is about proving a service to our customers, it is about providing affordable food that is healthy and nutrious and it is also about ensuring our customers can tick one more thing off their list before heading out the door. How nice is it to know that preparing a lunch isn’t necessary when heading out to Playzone?

When it’s a rainy day and the kids are running a muck in the house, when your stuck for something to keep them busy and you decide to head out to Playzone you can rest assured that we have a range of nutrious hot and cold food prepared freshly for our customers, so why burden yourself with adding extra stress when trying to get the kids out the door. When the kids get out of school on a Friday and you want to treat them and decided to head to Playzone why stress about preparing an after school snack when you know that you can get smoothies and fruit at Playzone not only ensuring they get a healthy option but that it is also quick and convenient for yourself.

We here at Celbridge Playzone want to make things easy for our customers which is why then designing our play centre not only did we ensure that children could be seen at all times while on the play equipment but that parents can also have an enjoyable time. Removing the stress of worrying about the safety of your children has always been a priority for us which is why our play equipment is spacious, open and monitored by trained staff at all times but we think about more than just your time at Playzone. We also like to think about the stress which can sometimes involved in getting to Playzone and things such as preparing snacks and lunches should not be one of those stresses which is why we have ensured our menus are packed full of affordable healthy options.

Not only do we pride healthy and affordable food but we also have something to suit everybody’s needs including vegetarian options as well as gluten free options. We strive to ensure that we are inclusive in everything that we do which is why we ensure we aim to meet as many dietary needs as possible. Many times we have found that parents felt the food we provide is not healthy enough for children but we must challenge parents on this. We do provide the expected play centre food of sweets, crisps, nuggets and chips but we also provide much more. Not only do we have fresh fruit available, and children’s and adults smoothies available to buy but we also have a range of meals which are perfect for the little ones which include pasta, perfect for ensuring your little ones get enough carbohydrates to ensure they have enough energy to get through the day. We provide sandwich’s made using brown bread along with kiddie rolls and we also have scrambled eggs to ensure your children get the protein that they need.

You might find yourself asking other questions such as are the portion sizes correct for my child? Well here at Playzone we are very aware of the risks of obesity in society today and ensure that all of our kiddie meals are just that, made for children. Still not satisfied that you don’t need to bring your own food to Playzone? Well if taking the stress out of preparation, knowing that we have healthy options and that our portion sizes are also adequate for children doesn’t satisfy you I’m sure out friendly service will make all the difference.  Not only are our staff always on hand to help with any questions or concerns you may have but our kitchen staff are trained and work tirelessly to ensure your food meets the highest standards possible and is prepared in a timely fashion. Once your food is prepared our dedicated staff will bring your food to your table along with anything else you may require, again taking away some of the stress and hassle involved in organising your own food.

We here at Celbridge Playzone want the best for our customers and this desire to provide the best underpins all the work, which we do and providing affordable, nutrious food is an essential part of our service. We are constantly updating and improving our menu and options and always welcome feedback and suggestions of what more we could be dong to make your experience more enjoyable. But in order to continue providing this service we need your help, we need customers to experience what we have to offer and see for themselves just how good our food is.

If you wouldn’t go to McDonalds with your own burger and chips why come to Playzone with your own sandwich when we can prepare them freshly for you to meet your exact needs?

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