Friday, 16 September 2016

Home parties Vs Playzone parties

Are there birthdays looming in your house? Are your kids pestering you to hold a party? Are you unsure about opening up your house to a bunch of hyperactive, sugar filled children? If so why not considering holding your child’s birthday party in Playzone! Not only do we have a host of party tables and two different party rooms spoiling you for choice but holding your part in Playzone also has a host of other benefits! What benefits you might ask? Well here are a few:


Planning your child’s birthday party involves a lot of preparation. There is everything from organising the house, planning the food and deciding on activities. Then of course you have the guest list, will there be enough space? How much food will I need to buy to make sure everybody has enough to eat, what about the vegetarians? Should I play it safe and just serve vegetarian food? What about the weather, if it rains the children wont have anywhere to run around, they will be crammed in the house, running a muck, where will the parents stay so that they can relax and have a cup of coffee?

Now imagine booking your party with Playzone and handing all this preparation over to someone else, knowing that they will handle everything. Imagine being able to relax in the run up to your child’s birthday only having to worry about the cake and ensuring your child’s friends have got their invitations. No need to worry about the menu as we have that taken care of, no need to worry about space because we have plenty of it, no need to worry about activities because the children will be spoiled for choice in Playzone.

Party Day

Now think about all that is involved with holding your child’s party at home when it comes to the actual party day. There is the set up; will I be able to fit everyone in my house? What if we use the garden will it rain? Then there is the cooking, will I be able to get all the food cooked on time, will it be cooked properly, what about allergies? Then there is the arrival; will people know how to get to my house? Will there be enough parking? Then the actual party, how will I keep the children entertained? What about it something gets broken? How about when the kids begin to get board? Where will I keep all the children’s belongings, what if they end up getting lost? Will I have to replace them? Party bags, where do I get them and what do I put in them? Will I have enough plates for serving the cake? What about cups?

Now imagine handling all that over to Playzone once again and simply just having to arrive at Playzone, bringing just yourself, your children and the cake. Knowing that instantly you will be greeted with a smile from our friendly staff that will take your cake and store it in the kitchen. Forgot candles? Don’t worry we have lots to spare. Imagine knowing that you will have a staff member on hand to answer any questions you have, who will wait until all your party have arrived, taking food orders, coats and shoes all while you sit and relax. Imagine knowing that all your belongings, your parties belongings and any presents your child may get will be kept safe and brought to your party table by staff after the arrival of all the children. Imagine knowing that you can sit, relax and enjoy a free tea or coffee while the children are off playing, have unlimited juice on their party table and are supervised at all times while on the play equipment. Imagine not having to worry about having enough space, what to do if it rains and if there are allergies or vegetarians as our staff will make sure to check with all parents in advance of serving food that they child does not have allergies.

Imagine the food being served by our friendly staff who will also help pour the drinks, give sauce and even cut up your children’s food while you continue to relax and have a hassle free day. What about the cake, will they know how many candles, what way to put them, how to cut the cake? Don’t worry because we will work with you to ensure that we do everything the way you would like it. We will bring out your cake, light the candles, sign happy birthday and cut your cake serving not just the children but the adults too making sure they have just as good a times as the kids. And to top things off we will give all the children a party bag, taking away the stress of trying to organise that yourself too.

The Clean Up

So you hold a party in your house, it lasts a few hours, by the time all the children go home your exhausted but your not don’t just yet, you still have the clean up to be done! Well imagine knowing that once your 2 hour party is finished in Playzone you will have no clean up to do, you will simply have to pay your balance and head on home. Your belonging will be waiting for you at your party table, any left over cake will be wrapped up and brought out to you and you will be helped if needed to bring any belongings out to your car.

But there are more benefits that meet the eye. Holding your party in Playzone has the added benefits of ensuring:

Children experience healthy exercise through play.
The cost is managed, ensuring you can keep within budget.
You will have dedicated staff on hand at all times to help with any questions you may have along with a dedicated party coordinator ensuring that everything runs smoothly.
You don’t have to worry about dealing with many different people organising many different things, the only two people you will have to deal with is our receptionist and your party host ensuring there is minimal confusion.
You can be guaranteed that no matter what your child’s ability there will be something that will suit them at Playzone.

We will always ensure that the birthday child is made feel special and has a birthday to remember!

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